FIRESafe® Software

Firefighter Safety is Paramount

When the mission is critical, no one has time for complexities.

Viking FIRESafe Software enhances communication awareness in a dynamic fire scene environment, allowing firefighters to focus on the mission at hand. Enhances communication awareness in a dynamic fire scene environment, allowing firefighters to focus on the mission at hand.

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Set & Forget

COMMON PROBLEM: Firefighter is on the wrong channel, the volume is too low, or the radio is accidentally turned off.

SOLUTION: Enabling the Fireground mode of operation is as easy as pressing a single button and ensures that the firefighter does not inadvertently lose communications with command. The keypad and channel selector can be locked as well as the volume level, so the radio cannot be accidentally turned o. A single button press switches the radio from dispatch mode to Fireground mode

Evacuation Alert

COMMON PROBLEM: Firefighter misses an evacuation call.

SOLUTION: Firefighter hears a loud tone when an evacuation alert is received from a command radio. Digital signaling has a higher likelihood of being received because it is a short, repeated data message.

Out Of Range (OOR) Alert

COMMON PROBLEM: Firefighter unknowingly loses communications with command and the team.

SOLUTION: Firefighter receives a signal that he has lost communications through a visual and audible out-of-range alert tone.

COMMON PROBLEM: Firefighter is out of radio coverage. S

SOLUTION: Using a patented P25 heartbeat technology, the radio will activate OOR audible and visual indicators alerting first responder that he is no longer in range of the command radio.

Com Check

COMMON PROBLEM: Firefighter is unsure of radio coverage.

SOLUTION: Firefighter can quickly depress a button to perform a communications check and determine the strength of his signal.

Visual & Audible Signal Strength Indicator

COMMON PROBLEM: Firefighter does not know when he is out of communication range.

SOLUTION: More than just a visual RSSI, an audible RSSI enhances awareness and safety. Two warning tones are emitted when the RSSI level drops below a predefined threshold to alert the firefighter that he is at the threshold of radio coverage. Four tones warn of impending communication loss.

P25 Auto Switch

COMMON PROBLEM: When nearing the out of range threshold, analog transmissions are very unclear.

SOLUTION: FIRESafe extends coverage range. The radio automatically switches to digital mode when analog transmissions become unclear (4 beeps). Once transmissions become clear enough (2 beeps), the radio will automatically switch back to analog mode.

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